MCW Faculty Workshops

MCW Faculty Workshops

Whether you are a new teacher going to NYSSMA Majors for the first time, a seasoned veteran conductor interested in feedback before the big day, or just looking for a set of outside ears, take advantage of your local Conservatory. Bring Dr. Doug Bish and Ms. Nicole Peragine to your school to observe a rehearsal and give you NYSSMA Majors-style feedback. The Music Conservatory provides these workshops at no expense to the public school.

If you are interested in booking one of our participating teachers, please contact either Douglas Bish, Dean of Students and Faculty at or Nicole Peragine, Associate Dean of Programs at

Please give us the name of the faculty member you would like to have come to your school, as well as a few possible dates and times that would best fit your schedule.

In addition to demonstrating and discussing specific aspects of their specialty areas, all faculty members are adept at talking about such topics as:

How to be an effective ensemble player

How to prepare the NYSSMA solo

What it takes to become a successful professional musician

How to build your professional network

Why it is important to study music


Faculty Workshops Offered


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