Music is a joy and opportunity at every stage of life. Whether you’re 28 or 68, trying something for the first time, or dusting off the instrument you haven’t touched since high school, you’ll find a warm welcome and a musical home at the Conservatory.

You’ll be inspired and challenged when you take individual or group instrumental lessons with our enthusiastic faculty members. Join a performing group and discover the magic the happens when you play music with others. We also offer enriching and social musical events throughout the year for our adult student community.

Our staff is available to speak with you about your musical interests and goals, and help you find the right program and instructor. Group classes and ensembles are discounted or free for students registered for private lessons. For more registration information, our calendar, and group class schedule, please visit the How to Enroll page. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Need-based tuition scholarships are available for adult students through the Mary L. Bianco and Robert Heath Adult Scholarship Fund. Visit our Scholarship Page for more info. Discounts for senior citizens are also available for lessons taking place on weekdays before 3:00 pm.

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Private Lessons

We offer instruction in all styles of music, on all instruments including piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, harp, harpsichord and organ. Our highly qualified teachers use an individualized approach for each student, based on age, goals and learning style. Lessons are available throughout the year, including summer.

The Conservatory experience includes more than just lessons. Tuition includes:

  • Free music theory classes
  • Discounted performing ensembles
  • Free student performances, including rehearsals with a professional piano accompanist

Group Guitar

Jam with other adults learning basic guitar skills. Learn chords, strumming techniques, and songs you will love to play to get you to the next level of playing guitar. No prior experience needed.

Group Piano

Live your musical dream by learning basic piano skills with other adults. Learn key signatures, scales, and songs to get you to the next level of playing piano. No prior experience needed.


Intro to Music Theory and History

Learn elements of basic theory such as key signature, intervals, chord structure, and other music fundamentals. Discover the influence of these elements on the evolution of musical form and style.

Jazz Workshop

Vocal and instrumental students learn the fundamentals of jazz theory, improvisation basics, and various jazz styles throughout the Fall. During the Spring, students apply these skills as the group focuses on learning and playing popular jazz repertoire together. Students must read music and demonstrate basic fluency on their instrument.


Teaches the principles and techniques of creating original music. Students listen to and analyze examples from the great composers, engage in group composition projects and have their original music performed. To take this class, students write a short original piece to be approved by the instructor.

Intro to Opera: (8 week sessions)

This course will focus on the development of opera through history. Enjoy an interactive learning experience focused on a new composer or era each week. No prior musical experience required.

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History of American Popular Music: (8 week sessions)

Dive into the lineage of popular music styles from blues, folk and swing to rock & roll, R & B and beyond, and the continued impact of Black American music on what we hear today. Discover landmark recordings, the pioneers who innovated genres, and the influence of modern instrument production as artists forged new paths in our unique musical history. No prior musical experience required.

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Songwriting: (12 week sessions)

Learn the basic principles of songwriting – melody, harmony, rhythm, improvisation, and lyrics. Students develop their individual style by applying various concepts and techniques to their own ideas, through various assignments and guided composition tools. Students will create and perform their original compositions based on their personal aesthetic. Some musical experience required.


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Women’s Vocal Ensemble

Sing your heart out! Aspiring singers at all levels of experience rehearse and perform together for the joy of singing. Harmonize and sing solos from popular repertoire, as well as selections from the Great American Songbook.

Piano Partners

Partners is the perfect way for intermediate and advanced piano students to have an enjoyable and valuable ensemble experience. Students are matched according to age and skill level, and are coached in four-hands and two-piano repertoire by a member of the Conservatory’s piano faculty.

Piano Partners perform at the Conservatory and may be asked to perform in a variety of community venues. A placement audition is required.

Chamber Ensembles

Advanced piano, string, woodwind, or brass players are matched to rehearse and perform selections from sonata or other chamber music repertoire. Sonata Partners focuses exclusively on music for solo
instrument and piano. Chamber Music accommodates a variety of instrument types with appropriate repertoire.​

Jazz Combo

Open to woodwind, brass, piano, bass and drum students as well as vocalists. Combo members will learn repertoire from the Jazz tradition and work on the elements of improvisation. Each combo is coached by a member of our Jazz/Rock/Pop faculty.

Limited class size (3-7 students) ensures individual attention. Combos work toward performances at the Conservatory and in a variety of community venues. Students must demonstrate basic fluency on their instrument. Students grouped according to age and ability. A placement audition is required.

Rock Intensives for Adults: (8 week sessions)

Each 8-week intensive is dedicated to a different genre, era, or artist. You’ll learn the basics of playing in a band, working with equipment, and of course, playing the music of some of your favorite bands. Develop your confidence and new friendships while exploring the music of popular recording artists! Musical instrument proficiency required.

Music of The Beatles

Come learn rock fundamentals through the music of The Beatles. Play your favorites in a band experience: “Can’t Buy Me Love” to “In My Life” to “Let It Be” and “Something” in between. Some proficiency required.
Instruments: Guitar, electric bass, piano, drum.

American Roots

Learn and perform songs from mid-20th century artists such as Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder. Fundamentals of the blues will take initial focus before moving onto repertoire from genres it influenced, including rock & roll, soul, and Motown. Some proficiency required.
Instruments: Guitar, violin, viola, cello drums, upright/electric bass, piano