Onsite Program

Individual and group music therapy sessions are offered by knowledgeable, warm and caring music therapists for people of all ages at the Conservatory’s fully accessible facility. The session rooms are equipped with one-way mirrors that allow family members and caregivers to observe sessions in progress. The director of Onsite Services will arrange an initial interview and evaluation at no cost. Need-based tuition assistance is available upon request.

For more information, contact Dr. Tina Brescia, MT-BC, LCAT, Director of Onsite Services, at (914) 761-3900, ext. 134; e-mail tina@musiced.org



Individualized programs are designed to engage the creative aspects of each participant in an interactive process as they play, sing and move to improvised and familiar music building on strengths and addressing areas of need. Skilled therapists use piano, guitar, percussion, and voice to facilitate meaningful musical experiences. Sessions of 30 or 45 minutes are available as scheduled by the Director of Onsite Services.



When appropriate, adapted instruction is offered in voice, piano, guitar, and percussion. Music therapists design individualized skill-based programs of instruction for students with special learning needs. Students must have the ability to attend to a task for a minimum of 10 minutes, have developed fine motor skills and an initial desire to learn the instrument.




All participants must meet with the director of Onsite Services for an evaluation before registering for a group program.


The Music Therapy DYAD is a two-person session that is designed to address the specific needs of each participant while engaging in the social aspects of sharing the experience of music together.



With an emphasis on socialization and expression, children will be engaged in singing, playing instruments and moving to music in groups of up to four of their peers. Parents or caregivers may be asked to participate in groups. All participants must communicate with the Director of Onsite Services to schedule an evaluation before registering for a group program.

Day and time to be arranged