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Get Started with Virtual Lessons at MCW!

Mar 24, 2020

Our goal is to keep the music playing! Social distancing can’t keep musicians from making and sharing music – even from afar.

The Music Conservatory of Westchester is continuing everybody’s music study via virtual lessons with our world-class, accredited faculty. Many students have already started virtual lessons with their teacher.

“Our faculty are what differentiate us from everyone else. Also, our expert staff who can guide new students to the right course of study and teacher choice,” says Conservatory Executive Director, Jean Newton.

“Lessons (virtual or in-person) with an experienced and well-adapted teacher is the key to have a systematic learning process and therefore increase the success rate for learning,” says Associate Dean for Student Services, Song Gonzalez.

As the Conservatory is a member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), all of our teachers are trained in their instrument with exceptional educational and performance credentials in order to meet the highest standards.

“A good teacher provides not only the expert knowledge and appropriate instruction for that specific student, but also encouragement, inspiration, motivation, as well as appropriate discipline needed for the learning to be successful. In most cases, that mentorship extends beyond the student to include parents/other family members as well,” Gonzalez adds.

By persisting through these circumstances with interactive online lessons, students and teachers have the opportunity to regain a sense of normalcy with their weekly lesson schedules. The Conservatory is working hard to make sure the music never stops!

Visit our Virtual Lessons page for more details.