Benefits of Virtual Lessons

10 Reasons to Why Virtual Lessons Work
  1. Continuity is easy – never miss a lesson because you can’t travel to MCW.
  2. Convenience – MCW comes right to your home. No sitting in traffic, finding parking, or possibly being late.
  3. Easy to connect for students with busy schedules.
  4. Lots of time to warm up on your instrument and less stress prior to the lesson.
  5. MCW’s brand of excellence – same world-class teachers and quality instruction.
  6. MCW’s value-added – free studio recitals, performance classes, and theory/music skills.
  7. Dedicated teachers who do whatever it takes to create the best possible online experience.
  8. Easy for parents to connect with the teacher, offering better communication for students to excel at their instrument.
  9. Unique teacher-student connection – teachers get to see the student in their home environment, meet their siblings, pets, see their practice set-up.
  10. Ability to take your music lessons from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.