While there is no substitute for in-person learning, my daughter’s virtual piano lessons in the spring of 2020 still provided the engaging, educational experience MCW has always offered. Her teacher’s dedication and commitment were evident as she continued to help her develop her piano skills and prepare for an International piano competition and summer Pre-College piano program at a prestigious NYC conservatory.

Rene V., Conservatory parent

Both of my sons (Josue, age 10; and Samuel, age 4) participated in the virtual summer camp over the summer, and Josh continued his private lessons from the Spring. I’ve seen a great deal of growth in Josh while he has taken classes remotely. He has more time to practice which has helped him improve. I also have a greater insight into what he is learning and this helps me encourage him while he practices. Both Samuel and Josh loved their summer camp classes at MCW, it kept them singing and moving, and playing music, and brought them a lot of joy during a difficult time.  We are very grateful to be a part of this community!

Stephanie P., Conservatory parent

I’ve been taking virtual piano lessons now for over 4 months. I don’t feel that there’s much difference since you can “see” your teacher and she is just as responsive as being in the piano studio at the Music Conservatory of Westchester. Plus, it’s a very efficient use of everybody’s time. I save probably an hour of traveling and chatting with people at the Conservatory. I’m happy to have virtual lessons until the pandemic is over especially since I’m in the higher risk group at 80.

Robert H., adult student

I don’t have the words to thank you enough for all the things you do to support Alice, but I can clearly see how much my daughter has grown with your help. I can say that I give her wings but you teach her how to fly. You have not only taught her musical notes but became a family for her. I said Alice that she can go to infinity and beyond if she wants to with music and I will be there with her to support her. I hope one day to give you back all the help provided. For now, I only have words of thanks from the bottom of my heart, because you are part of this history.

Elsa C., Conservatory parent

I have been an adult student for over two years at MCW. The quality of instruction is very high caliber and the instructors have impressive backgrounds. Despite the pandemic, I am continuing lessons via Zoom. I miss coming into the Conservatory and hearing music throughout the building, but am grateful that I can continue studying. Wonderful community of adult and younger students.

Andrea M., adult student

The school is excellent! Great place to achieve your music goals. My two daughters have developed a passion for learning how to play the piano and read music. The teachers are exceptional and atmosphere is so warm and supportive. I highly recommend this school!

Alison F., Conservatory parent

My family loves the Music Conservatory of Westchester and cannot say enough wonderful things about Jake, the summer camp (virtual and in person), lessons, music theory classes, etc. Once you are part of the MCW community, you are part of the family – the private instructors are kind and compassionate and convey joy in the lessons.  One of our children started an instrument for the first time over virtual lessons and she has made significant progress and feels a real connection to her teacher, even over a computer screen. The camps are enriching and fun – there is an appreciation that these are children but a respect for their abilities and interests. We have been part of the MCW community for over four years and look forward to many more!

Conservatory parent

I have been connected to MCW for over 20 years, first as a teacher and now as a parent. It is a wonderful place to study music, whether you are a child or an adult. The faculty is great, and the administration is high quality, passionate about the music education. I highly recommend!

Conservatory parent

A great place for music lovers! Dedicated teachers and friendly smiling staff! Both our boys have been going to the Conservatory for years and we are very happy with the progress and technique they have achieved!!

Wahiba S., Conservatory parent

My time at the Music Conservatory of Westchester has been extremely beneficial during the college audition process. Working with my vocal teacher, Korliss Uecker, has been such a learning experience—her advice, expertise, and professionalism has been amazing. In addition, my music theory class has been helpful as I prepare to study music in college. Overall, my time studying voice and theatre in the MCW Prep Program with other passionate students has been wonderful.

Amara V., MCW Prep alumna

I have been an adult student at the Conservatory for many years. The faculty is excellent and they create opportunities for the adult students to meet each other and share music in our recitals.

Linda H., adult student

My 5-year-old has just completed a little over a year in the Suzuki program for violin and it has been an excellent experience for her. She has a different teacher for private and group class and both are absolutely excellent. The method works, is consistent between teachers, and my child has found something that she loves. It is a good mix of playing and learning to read music. I really like their creative strategies, analogies and games that keep her motivated and help her remember various concepts. We were given flexibility in choosing timings for group and private class. The method relies on heavy parent participation, with clear instructions for me and I have absolutely enjoyed it. My daughter has learned about discipline, perseverance, dedication and other values outside of music in her time here.

Preeti V., Conservatory Suzuki parent

My son wanted to learn drum sets early last year, but I didn’t have a clue on how to find a suitable drum teacher. I asked some of my friends for advice and they strongly recommended the Music Conservatory of Westchester, where their kids took music lessons. The MCW staff was very welcoming and set up a tryout lesson immediately. My son took his lesson with Mr. Robinson and enjoyed it. Mr. Robinson was extremely nice and very patient. He has an excellent background in music and knows how to teach it well. He believes every student can reach his/her full potential. When my son didn’t think he was good enough to join the middle school jazz band, Mr. Robinson encouraged him to try out. After some persuasion, my son relented and is now one of the drummers in the band. When the school was closed due to the pandemic, Mr. Robinson offered online classes right away. My son was able to continue his education without any interruption. Additionally, the MCW’s “Keep the Music Playing” virtual concert was an amazing experience for my son. The MCW is a well-organized school and a wonderful environment to learn music.

Miranda M., Conservatory parent

All three of my kids have taken lessons at MCW although we are down to just one now. I feel my son has been challenged here in a good way, being pushed just hard enough to be able to reach his potential. I highly recommend MCW for the superlative faculty (most, if not all, having advanced degrees in the field) and support from the whole community. Everyone–from the deans, executive director, staff, teachers and other parents–has contributed to my son’s musical development through multiple opportunities such as free/reduced theory classes and ensemble classes, the honors student program, many performance opportunities throughout the year, special lectures/programs such as master classes and informational sessions, and fun fundraising events. There are also music therapy programs, summer programs etc. Something for everyone!

Angeline L., Conservatory parent

My daughters absolutely love going to Music Conservatory of Westchester for the past five years. Both learned how to play the piano at the cute age of four and five. All staffs are simply amazing, friendly, and professional. Every year the Conservatory will have several recitals and performances to showcase students’ achievements. Watching these talented kids perform is mind-blowingly cool. I love the fact our kids have the opportunity to choose her favorite songs to play at the performance. The most recent one was “Sun Flower by Post Malone” and “Star Wars Binary Sunset.” Learning to play her favorites has immensely helped drive her piano passion. The Conservatory is also tech friendly. All performances are recorded and delivered straight to your registered email. As our kids grow, Music Conservatory of Westchester is also growing. Coming soon: Recording Studio, Digital Piano Lab, updated Percussion Studio, Multi-use Rehearsal Studio, and new Music Therapy Studio.

Conservatory parent

Paulina has been taking her clarinet lessons on Zoom with Dr. Douglas Bish since the lockdown. I have seen a lot of improvements in Paulina’s playing. Also, she is more dedicated, responsible, and enjoys playing her clarinet every day. She is learning and she is happy. We are happy with virtual lessons because Paulina can continue her lessons and learn without taking the risk of getting sick.

Delta C., Conservatory parent