Early Childhood


We offer classes that introduce your child to the basics, using musical games and creative expression to teach concepts such as melody, rhythm, phrasing, dynamics and more. At the Music Conservatory you can give your child the best possible start in music and have lots of fun exploring music as a family.

Our staff can call or meet with you and your child to determine his/her readiness for a specific program or private lessons. Complete our New Student Inquiry Form to get started.

The Conservatory’s expert staff can customize a program based on your child’s skill set. Our staff and teachers are dedicated professionals with amazing credentials and a passion for working with children. The Conservatory is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, so you can be assured of the highest quality instruction for your child.

Scholarships based on financial need are available for students of all ages to enroll at the Conservatory. Visit our Scholarships Page for more information. Questions? Call us at 914-761-3900 or Email Us.



Young Children's Classes

Musical Munchkins

Our classes include singing, chanting, playing instruments and dancing along with musical stories, books and assorted props to encourage active participation. Our little musicians are exposed to many music styles; beloved standards, international, American heritage and more! Classes meet once weekly for 45 minutes. Classes are age specific, allowing us to meet and nurture each age groups development and capabilities: Babies curriculum, Music For 1’s, Music for 2’s, Music for 3’s/4’s.

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Music Skills (K – 1)

A fun class for children based on the renowned Dalcroze and Orff methods, this class teaches the fundamentals of rhythm, melody, and harmony through ear training, creative movement, song, use of bells and hand drums, and improvisation. Reinforces private lessons and prepares students for our Music Theory Sequence.

Our Music Skills teachers are certified Dalcroze instructors. To learn more about Dalcroze go to: www.dalcrozeusa.org

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* Music Skills and Music Theory are offered at a 100% discount through level 5 for enrolled private lesson students. Music Theory Level 6 and beyond are offered at a significant discount for enrolled private lesson students. Materials purchase required.

Instrumental Instruction

Suzuki Program (4 years & up) – Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano

The Suzuki philosophy is centered on the belief that Every Child Can. At the Music Conservatory of Westchester, our teachers are committed to meeting students where they are and instructing them in a way that allows them to grow at their own musical pace.

We build a strong relationship between teacher and student through playing their instrument, learning early note reading, and interacting musically with their peers using a creative and individualized approach. For more information on our Suzuki program click here.

For more information on the Suzuki method, visit the Suzuki Association of America website www.suzukiassociation.org

Piano Program (PreK – 1)

Piano instruction can begin as early as age 4. While some children are ready to jump right into private lessons, many start with a group class.

GROUP PIANO Includes two classes per week: Group Piano and optional Music Skills. Using a blend of different teaching methods and materials, children learn basic piano skills in a nurturing environment with their peers. A parent or caregiver guides at-home practice. 

PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS Includes weekly private lesson and optional supplementary music skills or theory classes. For young children ready to begin one-on-one instruction. We will place your child with an experienced early childhood piano instructor. Online lessons available.

To register for early childhood Private Piano Lessons, please consult with Associate Dean for Student Services, Song Gonzalez at song@musiced.org

Guitar Program (PreK – 1)

Guitar can be an ideal first instrument for children, starting as early as age 4. After 1-2 years of group class, most students are ready for private lessons. A parent or caregiver monitors and guides home practice.

Strong basic playing skills provide a foundation for students to learn classical, jazz, or rock when they reach more advanced levels, and to participate in a rock band, jazz combo or guitar ensemble. Working with their peers in the early stages helps foster the collaborative spirit necessary to make music with others.

GROUP GUITAR Includes two classes per week: Group Guitar, Music Skills. For young beginners age 4 to grade 1 who have never previously learned guitar.

PRIVATE GUITAR LESSONS Includes weekly private lesson and optional supplementary music skills or theory classes. For young children who have completed at least one year of group guitar and are ready for one-on-one instruction. Online lessons available.

To register for early childhood Private Guitar Lessons, please consult with Associate Dean for Student Services, Song Gonzalez at song@musiced.org.