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Setting up an account on our Online Registration Portal is easy. Simply follow the link: Online Registration Portal, and click on “Create an Account.”

Once you’ve entered the requested information, you can use your account to sign up for Group Classes, or contact the Associate Dean for Student Services, Song Gonzalez at about your Private Lessons.

You can also check your account for information about your lessons, classes, teachers, tuition information and more.

Remember to check our Calendar & Events page for announcements, news, updates, and information about happenings at the Conservatory, recitals, and more.

Honors Program 

Apply to participate in our Honors Program! High School students further their musical development through intensive instrumental or vocal study, special performances, advanced theory, and ensemble participation, as well as volunteering at the Conservatory and in the community. Students perform a solo graduation recital and receive a certificate of completion. The Honors Program is a highly regarded component of college applications.

Honors Program Application

*please download the application, fill it out and return to Dr. Douglas Bish, Dean of Students and Faculty:

Scholarships for Music Majors



The Conservatory’s Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance for students of all ages. Visit the Scholarship Program page to download the scholarship application and instructions.

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