Donald Stevens 2022 Scaled

Donald Stevens, MA-MT

Degrees & Studies

BA – Music, Southern Connecticut State University; MA- Music Therapy, NYU


Music Therapy

Music Conservatory of Westchester

Faculty since 2011

Performances & Distinctions

Over the past 11 years, Donald has worked as a Music Therapist in the Westchester area. During his time at the Music Conservatory, Donald has written music for students and was able to perform original pieces on huge platforms such as Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden, Capitol Theatre, and much more. Outside of his work as a music therapist, Donald works as the Director of Music at Bethel Baptist Church, where he oversees various singing groups.

Teaching Philosophy

“I believe that music can bring out the best in an individual, and also has the ability to speak directly to a person. Music has always been a natural source of medicine that heals the soul. I approach music and therapy with the mindset that every child and adult has an ability, not a disability. The goal is not how well you can play an instrument or sing, but how well are you able to receive the universal sound of music.”