Dr. Tina Brescia, MT-BC, LCAT

Degrees & Studies

BS Music Education, Skidmore College; MA, Music Therapy, NYU; DA, Music Therapy, NYU


Music Therapy

Music Conservatory of Westchester

Music Therapy Institute Director of Onsite Services

Born In

Rockville, CT

Performances & Distinctions

Over 32 years of experience in the field of music therapy including work in hospital settings & schools. 2005 published a study in the monograph series: Qualitative Inquiries in Music Therapy, Vol. 2.; She has been an adjunct member of the NYU Music Therapy faculty since 1996 and enjoys her role as a teacher and clinical supervisor to master’s students during their training process.

Teaching Philosophy

“I believe that music should be accessible to all those who want to enjoy this creative means of expression. It is through the act of listening intently and without judgment to everything that an individual brings to us through their physical and emotional expression that we as music therapists can build a world of music with those individuals where growth and change can occur.”