Hiroshi Yamazaki

Degrees & Studies

B.M., Osaka College of Music (Japan)


Jazz Piano

Music Conservatory of Westchester

Faculty since 2002

Born In


Performances & Distinctions

A native of Japan, Hiroshi Yamazaki gave his first professional jazz performance at age 22 at the popular S.A.B. Hall in Osaka. Shortly after completing college, he moved to NYC where he studied with the great pianist Buddy Montgomery and forged his own voice as an improviser, composer and arranger. His New York debut took place in 1988 at the Jazz Center of New York where he appeared with bassist Paul West and drummer Leroy Williams. He has appeared at some of the most popular jazz venues in New York City including the Village Gate, Bluenote, and Birdland. In 1996, he released his debut recording, Sketch Of Bridge, with Ron Carter on bass and Lewis Nash on drums. A second album, We May Say Love, followed in 2000. Currently, Hiroshi performs in the New York region and in Japan with Rufus Reid, Akira Tana, Tony Jefferson, Steve LaSpina, and Andrew Beals. He leads his own jazz groups and serves as a sideman with the Glenda Davenport Quartet, Bill Crow Trio and Jan Leder Quartet.