Julie Sherwood MTI

Julie Sherwood, MA, MT-BC, LCAT

Degrees & Studies

BFA Music Theater, The New School, NY, NY; MA in Music Therapy, NYU


Music Therapy

Music Conservatory of Westchester

Faculty since 2013

Born In

New Orleans, LA

Performances & Distinctions

Has specialty training and experience working with trauma, anxiety, and PTSD. Teaches continuing education courses for board-certified music therapists. Provides music therapy presentations in medical and psychiatric settings. Has experience as a clinical music therapy supervisor. Has more than 26 years of experience teaching voice and piano lessons, music directing theatrical productions, and performing professionally.

Teaching Philosophy

“I believe passionately in a strengths-based approach to music therapy. This means collaborating with each participant to explore and celebrate their unique strengths and abilities and promote a greater sense of empowerment and self-appreciation. I believe creative expression is inherently therapeutic, and music therapy has the power to help each of us experience more joy, tranquility, and satisfaction.”