Juliet Gopoian

Degrees & Studies

B.M., The Juilliard School


Piano, Chamber Ensembles

Music Conservatory of Westchester

Faculty since 1991

Born In

Tehran, Iran

Performances & Distinctions

As a performer, Ms. Gopoian was a founding member of the Hitchcock Trio. As an educator, she has been an active member of the New York State Music Teachers Association, serving as Co-Chair of its annual competition. As an avid music supporter, she was a founding Board member of the Westchester Philharmonic, later becoming co-chair of the Orchestra’s programming and education committees. Ms. Gopoian holds a Certificate in Arts Administration from Purchase College and served as the Conservatory’s assistant dean and coordinator of the piano department from 1994 through 2007.

Teaching Philosophy

Ms. Gopoian said, “I believe that all students should experience music at their highest potential. This can be achieved if a teacher is able to impart all the elements of music-making — reading, rhythmic accuracy, hand position, finger dexterity, style and dynamics. This should be a goal for beginning as well as advanced students. To accomplish these goals one must introduce each musical concept separately, always keeping in mind that each student processes materials and learns at his or her own pace.”