Lisa Sandagata, MA, MT-BC

Degrees & Studies

BMus, Manhattanville: MA, Music Therapy, NYU


Music Therapy

Music Conservatory of Westchester

Faculty since 1988

Born In

New Haven, CT

Performances & Distinctions

Over 30 years of experience working as a music therapist with individuals with special learning needs, Lisa also has extensive experience teaching piano and adapted instruction.

Teaching Philosophy

“I learned early in my musical career that I was inspired and motivated to share music with others, using it as an avenue for connection, growth and change. I believe in the power of music to affect change. I believe in the innate musical nature of all individuals. My work involves providing a musical experience that is unique to each individual, helping them connect to themselves and others and helping them reach their highest potential in music and in life, Music is so versatile and so many elements of music can be manipulated. I love welcoming individuals into the music and observing the many different ways one can “be in music”.