Suzuki Program

What is Suzuki?

Includes two classes per week – Private Lesson and Group Class. Music Skills or Music Theory is optional, but recommended. 

The Suzuki philosophy is based on the concept that all children can succeed in music when provided with the right environment, great teaching, and parental support. Children learn through listening, imitation, and repetition; early music reading is an important part of the Conservatory’s approach. Parents attend lessons and classes with their children and practice with them at home every day. Recitals are scheduled throughout the year. 

Suzuki Helps Develop:
  • The ability to problem-solve and think independently 
  • Confidence through performing in front of others 
  • Social skills through weekly group classes that can lead to lifelong friendships 
  • A deep and lasting love for music! 

The group class reinforces what is learned in the private lesson, builds ensemble skills, and creates a nurturing musical community that motivates the student to practice at home. The basics of chamber music and orchestral playing start here! 

Each member of our Suzuki faculty is a recognized professional musician who has undertaken the rigorous additional training to qualify as a Suzuki teacher. We accept only the most skilled and experienced musicians to teach in our Suzuki program. 

The Conservatory’s Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance for students of all ages. Visit the Scholarship Program page to download the scholarship application and instructions.


Our staff will meet with you and your child to determine his/her readiness for the Suzuki program. To view our calendar and group class schedule, please visit the New Student Registration page. To schedule a meeting, contact our Associate Dean for Programs. 


Nicole Peragine
Associate Dean for Programs  |  914.761.3900, ext. 114